Friday, January 06, 2006

Vintage Diesel Submarine Naval Officers Mug

Vintage Diesel Submarine Naval Officers Mug
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This mug has a graphic of the USS Navy's Submarine officers qualifications (dolphins) and the words, SUB DIV 12-9. This item is from Submarine Reserve Division 12-9 (SubDiv 12-9).

Sub Div 12-9 was located at the Alameda Reserve Training Center. From the late 1940's until 1969 the Submarine USS Parche (SS 384) was the Naval Reserve Training Submarine assigned to Sub Div 12-9. The USS Charr (SS 328) replaced Parche in 1969 as the boat for Sub Div 12-9 until the early 1970's when she was decommissioned.

This cup most probably was owned by a Naval Officer who was stationed on one of these diesel powered submarines, during the 40's to 70's.

The graphic is only on one side of the cup please see the photo.

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