Sunday, April 30, 2006

Sell Your Mugs At Yard Sales

"...People have a zillion mugs, and they'll sell. So look at what you really use. If you use six out of 20 mugs, get rid of the rest,..."

In an article titled "Stash to Cash" By Emily Young Staff Writer for the Eagle Tribune Online makes the point that mugs are an easy sell at your next yard sell.

She also gives some interesting tips on how to make your sell a success.

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jlgroh said...

In the past I always sold my unused or old mugs at my summer yard sales (I live in Maine). Whenever I got a new set or two of dishes I set aside the coffee mugs to put into my yard sale pile since they are always small mugs and I require BIG MUGS for my coffee/tea addictions. These days I sell all of my unused sets of mugs on eBay. People love to get the whole set especially when shiny and unused and they can get four to eight mugs. I have also found some pretty cool mugs on eBay like my favorite one that is just a simple black with white lettering stating “I’D RATHER BE 40 THAN PREGNANT” if you knew me you would know how it fits me! Just the other day I heard of this website called where they research misspelled eBay items and publish these said items on their website. This is a genius of an idea because generally the average eBay shopper is not looking for misspelled items therefore you can usually pick up this item for a bargain. I have found so many COOL mugs as well as other items through this website.

I have my eye on a bunch of cool Marvin the Martian mugs!!!