Sunday, March 30, 2008

Anchor Hocking Glassware

Anchor Hocking Fire King Mugs
Vintage Anchor Hocking Fire King Mugs

As a mug collector I am always coming across Anchor Hocking pieces. I see many vintage mugs on eBay (like the ones above) and other auction sites. So I thought I would do a post on Anchor Hocking. They are a glass manufacturer that has been around for over 125 years. According to a post that I read on eBay, the company is the second-biggest glassware supplier in all of North America. They sell their wares to consumers via traditional retail channels, businesses and they work with restaurants and hotels also.

According to the Anchor Hocking Glass Museum Website;
Anchor Hocking first came into existence when Isaac J. Collins and six friends raised $8,000 to buy the Lancaster Carbon Company, Lancaster, Ohio, when it went into receivership in 1905. The company's facility was known as the Black Cat from all the carbon dust. Mr. Collins, a native of Salisbury, Maryland, had been working in the decorating department of the Ohio Flint Glass Company when this opportunity arose. Unfortunately the $8,000 that was raised was not sufficient to purchase and operate the new company, so Mr. Collins enlisted the help of Mr. E. B. Good. With a check for $17,000 provided by Mr. Good, one building, two day-tanks, and 50 employees, Mr. Collins was able to begin Hocking Glass Company operations at the Hocking Glass Company.

The company, named for the Hocking River near which the plant was located, made and sold approximately $20,000 worth of glassware in the first year. Production was expanded with the purchase of another day-tank. This project was funded by selling $5,000 in stock to Thomas Fulton, who was to become the Secretary-Treasurer.
Now they are subsidiary of a larger hospitality firm, called Global Home Products. Based out of Lancaster, OH. On the company's website (see the link below), you can order glassware, dinnerware, containers, and other items for your home.

Official Anchorhocking Website

Anchor Hocking Glass Museum Website

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