Saturday, October 25, 2008

Question about a Shaving Mug

Shaving mugs are so hot that I often come across questions about them. Here is one such example.

Q: I have looked everywhere for a shaving mug. I can't find them at any major drugstore or even Bed Bath & Beyond. With a shaving mug, a guy can get the hottest, closest and fastest shave anywhere, anytime.

A: Drugstores and home goods establishments don't really carry shaving mugs anymore because very few men still use them to shave. The best place to find them is a Barber supply or beauty supply company. If there is not one near you then you can do a Google search and find one I am sure.

As for the vintage and antique ones, you just have to search at thrift stores, estate sales and other places that sale used goods. eBay and other auction sites are good places to look.

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