Sunday, July 27, 2008

Where to Find Collectible Mugs!

I am often asked where to find collectible mugs and cups.

Because mugs are such a popular collectible item they can be found everywhere. But one of the factors of where you should look for collectible mugs depends on what kind of mugs you are looking for.

For the benefit of this post I will refer to the following general types of mugs;

  • 1. Brand New Collectible mugs - Brand new mugs can be bought directly from the manufactures, from retailers and online.
  • 2. Vintage Mugs - Vintage mugs are a bit harder to find, garage sales, thrift stores, auctions, estate sales, online and other places where collectibles are sold.
  • 3. Used collectible mugs - Used collectibles are also harder to find, and can be found at the same places that vintage mugs are found.
With brand new mugs, it is best to shop at your local retailers and other places that new mugs are sold. It is really just a matter of shopping. If you live in a city where a sports team or that is home base for one of the types of mugs that you collect, then you maybe able to buy them directly from the team or from a local manufacturer.

Depending on the region of the country that you live in you may have an easier time finding certain kinds of mugs and cups. And based on that you may want to start collecting a type of mug that is easy for you to find.

For example, I live in San Diego, California. San Diego is the home of the Navy's Pacific Fleet. And what is more it has been since world war II. So what this means is that I have a pretty good chance of finding collectible Navy mugs all over the city. Many naval personal and many ships and units of the Navy are stationed here, so I can actually go to a ship homeported here and buy a mug there.

There are also many Navy and retired Navy people that live in San Diego, so that means that I often can find vintage Navy mugs at thrift stores and other places listed above.

List of places to buy collectible mugs.

Yard and Garage Sales
Estate sales
Craig's List for your Area
Direct from manufacturers
From Sports Teams
From Gift Shops
From Local Retail Stores (WalMart etc.)

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