Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Can You Really Make Money Selling Collectible Mugs?

I think you can.

Mugs are everywhere and made for almost every type of collector.

- Celebrity mugs
- Corporate Logos
- Brand Names
- Holiday Themed Mugs
- Religious Mugs
- Sports Themed Mugs
- Political Mugs

And the list goes on, I could probably write a book just on the types of collectible mugs that there are out there.

What do you need.

1. Education. To sale anything you need to understand that thing. Know the thing that you are trying to sell, that is what I always say. One way to get to know about all the different kinds of mugs that there are out there is to pick one and learn as much about it as possible.

2. A good reliable source of good mugs. One of the first things you will need to learn is a good reliable source for the type of mugs that you will be selling.

3. The ability to market your collection. Once you have located a good reliable source, and you have knowledge about the type of mugs that you will be selling then you need to start marketing your collection. Think of this as how you will be making connections with buyers. It is how you will explain the mugs and let the buyers know what they need to do to purchase from you.

4. Deciding where online you will sell your mugs. There are many options for where you can sell your mugs at. Some of the best ways to do it online is to start your own web site. Another great place is eBay, just like you can buy great mugs off of eBay you can also sell mugs from your collection on eBay.

I intend to go much deeper into this in a later post. So keep coming back and check out the blog for more discussions on who to make money selling collectible mugs.

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