Saturday, November 08, 2008

Funny Coffee Mug Story

I found this coffee mug story "Best mugs in town" from the to be very funny.

Uncle Andy's used this as a headline with a photo of an 18-year-old waitress posing for the camera and holding up a pair of coffee mugs at chest level. The 18-year-old waitress is now suing the wildly popular publication, claiming the headline presented a double-entendre making crude reference to her breasts.

The court of LaFlamme has reviewed this matter and has ruled that the lawsuit is frivolous. The ruling is based on the fact that "mugs" has never once been used in reference to the female pectoral area. Jugs, cans and melons sure, but never mugs.

The court is further aggravated because after viewing the offending photo, it now wants a second cup of coffee.

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