Thursday, November 20, 2008

How to Safely Buy Collectible Mugs Online

Several of my readers make the point that it is not always safe to buy collectibles online, because you do not really know the quality of the items until you get them, and then it can be too late.

I wanted to share with collectible mug buyers ways to safely buy online.

1. Buyer beware - The maxim that the buyer needs to beware is so true. But not only when buying online because you can get scammed in a retail store as well.

No matter where you shop, you need to be diligent. Some items that you can buy at your nearest retail store have been recalled, are the wrong size, the wrong color, and what is more the merchant may not want to give you a refund or replace the item. So it is up to you to know what you are getting yourself into when buying items for your baby.

It is possible to buy things from a store and not know the stores return policy, refund policy or other important details. I am advocating that no matter where you shop, online or retail, beware.

cautions; Know the origins of the item you are buying.

How do you do this online? You communicate with the buyer, ask questions. You look at the buyers feedback and only buy from an online seller who has a history of providing quality goods and services.

Many of sellers on eBay and are small business that sell brand new, never taken out of the original box collectibles as well as vintage items too. Some sellers are passing items off as something that they are not, but most sellers are not doing this. Look for these sellers.

Avoid buying used, damaged, or unclean items from both online and retail stores. Notice that some stores resell their returns, be on the look out for this practice. Thoroughly inspect any item that you purchase online once you receive it, and prior to using it.

Know what the item you are buying should look like, understand what kinds of fakes there are out there. Usually it is the higher value items that are being faked. Again this applies to items bought online as well as those bought in retail stores.

I can't say it enough, know and understand the conditions of the sale when ever you buy anything anywhere. I think that covers online and retail stores.

Important conditions to be aware of;
  • - good communications
  • - dispute resolution system
  • - return policy
  • - refund policy
  • - shipping cost

2. Buying online versus buying from stores. Buying collectibles online also has some advantages.

As a person who buys and sales items online in various online settings I can tell you that buying online has some advantages.
  • -time - In the modern world free time is a premium for almost everyone. You can do much more shopping online then you can do by packing up the kids, driving to the mall or retail store, walking from store to store looking at items. Many online stores make it easy for you to shop without all the time wasting that go along with shopping in stores.

  • -money - In the economy that we are in right now money is also at a premium for almost everyone. Food cost, the cost of gasoline, the mortgage melt down and other problems are making us all have to stretch our dollars as far as we can. And anyone who has a small child does not need to be told that you need to find ways to get more for what you spend your money on.

  • -security- Shopping online can be just as secure if not more so than shopping in retail stores. The volume of people shopping online has caused it to become more secure. Most online sites have security measures such as a resolution system, a online communication system, and security via the method of payment (Paypal, credit cards).

  • -research - Even if you do not buy the item online, shopping online allows you to view items, see data about the item. Make informed decisions about the item prior to buying it. I personally love the experience of actually touching and feeling the things that I buy. Sometimes the interaction with the sales person can also be rewarding. But I almost always do research online first.

  • -gas prices - It may not have always been the case but right now the price of gas can make shopping at retail stores difficult. So why not give online shopping a try. If done correctly it can be just as safe and secure as shopping at a store and can save you money on your cost of gas.
3. Affiliations (truth in advertising) - I am a member of the affiliate programs for some of the merchants mentioned in this blog and so I want to make that clear. I want to assure my readers that I provide information about online shopping that helps and is in the readers best interest.

I do not favor one affiliate over the other. I think if you do your home work and research the item that you want, you can have a great shopping experience at all of my affiliates. Who are;
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