Wednesday, January 11, 2006

Designer Jonathan Adler and his mugs.

Design-guru Jonathan Adler has a new book about design out. Tim Mckeough in the Gloge and reviews Adler's new book and interviews him in his article Live happy.

Mckeough says in his article of Adler's new book.

"Adler entered the decor industry 12 years ago, after being fired from his office job in the entertainment industry and deciding to follow his passion for clay. He dedicated himself to making pots and mugs by hand (even though his professor at the Rhode Island School of Design had once told him he was talentless), and ended up selling his work through Barneys New York. From there, business took off and he had trouble keeping up."

"Adler's pottery has a signature playfulness. A naiveté, whether rendered in crazy stippled polka dots or Cat in the Hat-style stripes, makes his vases and figurines highly collectible. The organic shapes characteristic of his work have also inspired today's lust for root-vegetable-shaped objets -- from lamps and vessels to tableware."

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