Monday, January 09, 2006

Types of Collectible Shaving Mugs

Decorated mugs - Originally from Staffordshire, England; France, Germany and Austria, decorated shaving mugs rarely were used until the late 1800s. When they became en vogue, the mugs were manufactured in Europe and decorated in the United States. Most of them were simple white porcelain decorated with the owner's name and a hand-painted overglazed enamel.

Occupational mugs - The majority represented middle-class professions. The few mugs that were designed for the lower- and upper-class professions make these types rarities.

Fraternal mugs - Owned by members of fraternal organizations - Elks Lodge, Odd Fellows and Masons - fraternal mugs were decorated with a painted logo of the organization.

Scuttle mugs - These have a ledge on one side, usually with three perforations, where gentlemen placed shaving brushes. The holes allowed the water and soap to drain back into the mug.

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